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ILM is a Professional Service Firm focused on Leadership Development and Life Management

In the midst of severe globalization, which generates numerous changes and demands of organization’s ability to adapt to the changes, organizations are forced to increase the capability of its human resources responsible for running the organization.
The increasingly tough business competition, if not challenged with globally competent Management and Human Resources, most of the times is the main cause of a set-back or even destruction of an organization.
To cope with the challenges, ILM was established in 2004 with the purpose of helping organizations in Indonesia increase its Human Resources through trainings and consultancy in the area of Leadership, Human Resources and Life Management.


Who We Are

As implied in its name, leadership is defined as leading yourself as well as others by using the situation’s context and problems encountered in the office ranging from the pro-activity development, self-motivation, communicating with others, dealing with difficult people, coaching and giving feedback to subordinate, disciplinary matters, to other various problems.
As for Life Management, the term is defined as how we manage our life more effectively. Here, the problems discussed are those of our daily life as a professional and businessman such as Time Management, Balancing between Personal and Professional Life, Stress Management, how to enjoy life, and how to make your dreams come true.


ILM is an abbreviation of our organization’s name and at the same time is a word adopted from the Arabic “I-L-M” or “al-ilm” meaning knowledge


Arvan Pradiansyah

Managing Director
Arvan Pradiansyah is a Happiness Inspirer, public speaker, consultant, facilitator and columnist for several nationwide media in Indonesia including SWA and the daily Bisnis Indonesia who has also written five best-selling inspirational books, You Are A Leader!, Life is Beautiful, Cherish Every Moment, The 7 Laws of Happiness, and You Are Not Alone.

Arvan Pradiansyah is very popular as a motivator and public speaker in Indonesia. He has spoken in front of thousands of people, led motivation sessions for hundreds of companies in Indonesia, and has a radio talk show to spread inspiration and motivation. For the past three years he has been a regular speaker on the talk-show Smart Happiness on Smart FM Network Jakarta every Friday from 7 to 8 AM Western Indonesia Time and broadcast to 25 cities in Indonesia.

Arvan has been a speaker on radio for the past 11 years beginning with hosting the Covey Leadership program on PAS FM, followed by Semut Hitam on Radio Bahana, Life Excellence on Trijaya Network, Friday Spirit on Ramako, and Lite is Beautiful on Lite FM.

Arvan Pradiansyah

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